The Trey Way: How To Have A Bazinga Life

In Trey we trust.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “bazinga” as “The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.” While there is wisdom in these words, we prefer to think of the phrase as Abbi’s boss Trey does: an affirmation of life’s inherent goodness.

So next time you’re in a rut, just follow these steps to be more like Trey. Then, watch as things get a little more bazinga.

What’s the single most important thing in the world? Easy: the W-W-W-WEEEEEEEEEEEKEND!!!!! Trey knows the best way to chill is by hanging out with good buds, having good talks about good exercise form.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED.–mrs–doubtfire–moment
If you’re feeling depressed, just remember: Anyone can die at any moment. If Trey didn’t know the Heimlich maneuver, Ilana’s mom could have bit the bullet, making for a Wexler family dinner that would easily make the “Top Five Most Awkward Wexler Family Dinners” list. Be like Trey: Cultivate the skills to, at any moment, fend off death.

BE KIND.–rottweiler–m-d-
Whether your friend is sick with a tapeworm in her butt or just pretending to be sick with a tapeworm in her butt, empathy goes a long way. We’re all in this together, so please be kind. The universe will repay you tenfold. Bazinga.