When Worlds Collide: Tomi Lahren Visits The Daily Show

Get to know the precocious conservative pundit before her interview with Trevor.

There’s really no way to prepare yourself for the millennial phenomenon that is Tomi Lahren, conservative TV wunderkind, vocal defender of Donald Trump and host of TheBlaze’s “Tomi.” Well, OK, there’s one way: Here’s a quick primer on her, so you know a little of what to expect when she sits down with Trevor.

The 24-year-old firebrand has been called a “conservative ’It’ girl,” “a younger, less friendly, less credible version of Ann Coulter” and “a Facebook meme come to life.”

Since graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, just two years ago, Lahren has risen quickly through the ranks of right-wing media outlets, first with her own show on the One America News Network and now at TheBlaze, where her “Final Thoughts” videos regularly rack up millions of views on Facebook.

Get a taste of her rants firsthand by checking out The Daily Show’s previous coverage of Lahren, a woman Trevor has called “the least woke, most awake person” he’s ever seen.