Quiz: Which Playa Hater Are You?

Meet the men who’ve turned hating into an art form.

Whether it’s a celebrity, a complete stranger or each other, one thing is certain: They hate it. But when it comes to verbal abuse, Buc Nasty, Beautiful, Pit Bull and Silky Johnson each have their own style. Take this quiz to find out which playa hater you are.

The worst thing you’ve ever done involves:
A) Sleeping with your best friend’s spouse
B) The phrase “dog-eating motherf**ker”
C) Drug dealers
D) Interfering with the Special Olympics

The things you have to say about Rosie O’Donnell are:
A) Unkind
B) Rude
C) Inconsiderate
D) Mean-spirited

Your main addiction is:
A) Wearing hats with feathers
B) Hairspray
C) Barking like a dog to express excitement
D) All things considered, hating

Mostly As
Buc Nasty

Comedy Central

Mostly Bs

Mostly Cs
Pit Bull

Mostly Ds
Silky Johnson

Comedy Central

Congrats on your hateful new identity. Now step inside the PLAYA HATERS’ BALL, and bask in the hostility.
Man, that’s hateful.