Q&A: Bob Odenkirk on His Explosive Hatred of Disco

The comedy legend talks booze, childhood and a form of music he could do without.

On Drunk History’s Season 4 finale, “Better Call Saul” star and “Mr. Show” co-creator Bob Odenkirk broke out the tequila and told the story of disco. (Actually, it was the story of one rock ’n’ roll DJ’s heated war on disco.) We asked Odenkirk a few questions about the experience — once the booze had worn off, of course. Check out the video below, and read on for the interview.
Comedy Central: What made you choose Disco Demolition as the topic of your Drunk History segment?
Bob Odenkirk: I was not there at the event, but it was part of my world at the time. I loved the chaos of it, the sense of danger. And while it’s inconsequential and silly, it expressed some of the frustration I had with disco and the pop culture of the 70s.

You say in the episode that disco is a “terrible form of music.” Where does your hatred of disco stem from?
Vapid lyrics about f**king and dancing. Disco is like an annoying robot whistling loudly in your ear while he pounds an incessant beat on your head.

Do you remember the first time that you got drunk?
Boy Scouts. Maybe one whole beer. I went outside in the Wisconsin cold ‪at 2AM to take a leak, couldn’t find the latrine, had to go and searched drunkenly for the fly opening in my long underwear. (I had pants on and long johns because I was outside in winter in Wisconsin.) I couldn’t find the opening. Turns out I had put my long undies on backwards… drunk. I peed myself. It was cold. I remember‬‬‬‬‬.‬

During your story, you say that you only drink tequila once every 35 years. What happened the last time you drank it?
I really do not drink much. Maybe once a month — a light mojito. My dear father had a battle with the bottle, and it put me off the stuff.

Was there anything about filming Drunk History that surprised you?
I was surprised that I got giddy at being that drunk. I probably do not get as drunk as other narrators have — no vomiting. But I was… lifted.

Are you generally a history buff? Do you have a favorite historical figure?
I like Abe Lincoln. That’s about it. I’ve read a lot about him: a great man who also hated disco.

If you could blow up any record, what would it be?
The Yes album that my costar from “Better Call Saul,” Patrick Fabian, brought to set this morning. (We have a record player.) At one point, they were doing some kind of banjo-like finger-picking on the guitar. And you could just imagine all the intellectual hippies in the audience — it was a live recording — nodding and applauding themselves for “appreciating” the traditional nature of it. And it was followed by a pompous, overly complicated organ solo. Bad, bad stuff.