Ben Carson’s Strange, Sleepy Journey to HUD Secretary

A look back at the campaign of America's most laid-back surgeon.—hud-secretary-nominee-ben-carson
It’s official: Donald Trump has nominated Dr. Ben Carson to head the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the agency responsible for addressing community- and housing-related issues and laws. The appointment is yet another example of Trump upending expectations — in this case, by picking a person who lacks any relevant experience. (Despite his presumably lax career as a neurosurgeon, Carson didn’t have time to dabble in housing administration.)

What makes Carson’s new job even more baffling is that he’s already expressed doubts about his own qualifications to run a federal agency. Then again, how hard could it be to manage 8,000 federal workers and a budget of $50 billion?

That said, Carson didn’t have any serious political experience before announcing his presidential run, and that didn’t stop him from launching a campaign that gave us some of these unforgettably weird moments.

Carson was full of odd talking points, like when he laid out his cavalier strategy for foiling a mass shooting.–popeyes-survivor-and–real–black-president
Then there was the time he insisted that he had a violent and stabby past. Oh, he also shared his unfounded theory about the Egyptian pyramids. Why not?
His apparent lack of knowledge about international affairs didn’t exactly help him make his case to America.
Finally, after cratering in the polls, his campaign fizzled, allowing the droopy-eyed doctor to finally get some rest.
Hopefully his tenure as Secretary of HUD will be more successful than his presidential campaign. If not, at least we’ll get to see Trevor break out his impression as he covers the incompetence.—trevor-s-ben-carson-impression