Travel Like Abbi and Ilana

When the going gets tough, the tough wear Rollerblades.

If you’re anything like Abbi and Ilana when venturing to a new place, odds are you spend most of your energy doing things like restarting a battery, trying not to be groped by strangers and avoiding collisions with trees. So as you prepare for your next journey (no matter how short it is), take a few cues on how to avoid transport woes from these bona fide travel experts.

The first rule of riding the MTA is to pick your train car wisely. Super crowded? Not great — and you’ll have to maneuver through lots of people. Empty except for a lone weirdo having a snack? Even worse. So find the least terrifying car and park yourself there until you can rejoin civilization aboveground.

The worst part about flying is that once you’re 30,000 feet in the air, you can’t make any pit stops. No quick detours to a combination Burger King/Taco Bell/Baskin-Robbins/Men’s Wearhouse, no breaks to find a bathroom that isn’t in a moving vehicle, and absolutely no way to run into a CVS real quick to buy tampons. Learn from Abbi’s mistake and fly prepared.

Car troubles? No problem. A dead battery doesn’t mean your travel plans are dead in the water. Just follow Ilana’s smooth moves to find a way how to, y’know, turn your Jeep on.

The oft-overlooked inline skates are an underrated transportation method. Strap these puppies on whether you’re looking for a leisurely park workout or trying to get to a dog wedding on time. Just steer clear of those pesky giant holes in the ground.