Pranks, Then and Now

Start Workaholics' final season with a look back at how the guys have (not) matured since their early days.

This may be the last season of Workaholics, but that doesn’t mean Adam, Blake and Ders will be growing up – or toning down their havoc-wreaking at TelAmeriCorp. In the premiere episode, the guys show off why they’re still the main office pranksters. (Word to the wise: If you’re about to drink something and you see one of them giggling, stop.)
But the premiere also finds the guys’ prankster status in jeopardy. When three young trainees ask them for help shooting a porno in the office, the guys hop to it in a flurry of nervous energy. But little do they know that the trainees are in the process of throwing down the gauntlet for prank supremacy.
These upstarts should be wary, though: This isn’t the guys’ first prank rodeo (which is a thing we’re pretty sure exists). In fact, they’ve been pulling vicious tricks on each other since the very first season. Sorry, Ders, but we’ve got to show this throwback clip.–morning-routine
Given the guys’ expertise, it’s safe to say that besting them at the prank game would be tough. Watch the full final season premiere to see how things shake out between them and the trainees. And remember, whether you’re casually pouring coffee or frantically preparing to have sex on camera, be careful. Someone might be f**king with you.