Eight Things That Might Happen if Your Roommates Are Aliens

So, you know. Be careful.

Human roommates are the worst, so it stands to reason that alien roommates are, well, also the worst. But at least they add a dash of the unexpected to your routine. Here’s some stuff that could happen to you if your roomies are from another planet.

1. You accidentally smear purple alien pus all over your face in the morning.

2. A domestic argument sparks the beginning of an interplanetary war that could lead to Earth’s destruction.

3. You break your bathroom window.
4. The aliens congratulate you on committing murder.

5. The aliens throw you a little party for committing said murder.

6. You think that your grim quest to save the Earth by harvesting human souls for a fearsome alien race is finally over, and that you may now awake from the never-ending nightmare that has become your life.

7. But you’re wrong about that.

8. Your home is still pretty messy.
So, yeah, there are ups and downs to sharing your house with ETs. Mostly downs. But hey — who’s keeping track? Watch the series premiere to find out just how weird life with aliens can become.