John Lewis Enters Resistance Mode

He’s used to it.
You might say that feuding with a civil rights icon isn’t the most appropriate way to spend Martin Luther King Day weekend, but as he has proven time and time again, President-elect Donald Trump has his own way of doing things.

In response to Representative John Lewis’s announcement that he would not attend the inauguration of an illegitimately elected president, Trump attacked Lewis via Twitter for being “all talk, talk, talk — no action or results.” As Trevor points out, that’s an odd claim to make about a man who withstood beatings and arrests in the struggle for equality. Especially during, you know, Martin Luther King Day weekend.

Lewis hasn’t issued an official response to Trump’s attacks, but we’re guessing he didn’t take Trump’s tweets to heart. (And at this point, he’s in good company: At least 35 of his Democratic colleagues have also decided that going to the inauguration isn’t for them.) Either way, Lewis has shown that he’s in the fight for the long game. As Lewis told Trevor in August, he’s prepared to spend his whole life fighting injustice, so good luck to anyone who thinks they can just wait him out.—john-lewis-extended-interview