How We Got Here: The Inauguration of Donald Trump

We're like, 75% sure it isn't a collective fever dream.

Donald Trump is now the president of the United States. That’s right: The Oval Office will now be host to a man who announced his campaign by taking a ride down a golden escalator.

Little did we know that it would actually get more surreal from there.
Already the frontrunner for the Republican nomination by December 2015, Trump continued to outdo himself when it came to saying questionable things, like proposing a ban on Muslim immigration. As we would all soon find out, there were a lot of people with strange fashion sense who loved that kind of talk.
And let’s not forget those primary debates, which probably marked the first time in history that a major-party presidential candidate defended his penis size on national TV. Unsurprisingly, the GOP had no idea how to deal with Trump aside from hoping that he wouldn’t get the numbers needed to clinch the nomination.
But the numbers he got. As the eerily prescient Michelle Wolf warned at the time, Trump always does the opposite of what you think he’s going to do.
It was a rocky road for the Donald from there. After all, it’s not so easy to run a smooth campaign when you’re constantly saying things that alienate the public and make members of your own party duck into random rooms to avoid reporters’ questions. Maybe most alarmingly, there was the time Trump suggested that gun-rights advocates “do something” about his opponent, Hillary Clinton. (There was also, of course, his claim during a debate that he might not accept the outcome of the election.)

But the s**t really hit the fan in October 2016 when footage surfaced of Trump bragging about sexual assault to Billy Bush. Being involved in a scandal called “Pussygate” is probably another first for a future president.
The election result was a shock for many, including our new commander in chief. But here we are, looking at four years of a Trump administration. And considering how unchill they’re likely to be, let’s just hope that our new attorney general doesn’t come after our newly legalized bud.
Yes, this is a new era in America, one marked by a man more experienced in mouthing goofy catchphrases in staged photo-ops than in running a government superpower. For now, though, like Trevor says, this country has to “get used to the fact that you’ve elected a reality star president.” On we go into Trump’s presidency.