How to Be a Good Leader

It's more than just short shorts.

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There are lots of things that go into being a good leader in the workplace. According to Lieutenant Jim Dangle of the Reno Sheriff’s Department, those elements include keeping cool under pressure, years of experience and a really good colorist to maintain your highlights. But if you’re lacking experience or are between colorists, Dangle’s staff meetings are full of helpful tips to get you started.

An important part of being a leader is always having as much information as possible, especially when it comes to a mass printing of the winning lottery numbers that result in every single employee quitting in a tornado of sexual rage and irresponsible spending.

Dangle is clearly upset over the breakup of his a cappella group, but he doesn’t let that personal tragedy interfere with important work business, like debating what makes a better raffle prize, a birdfeeder or a lawn jockey.

INVITE GUEST SPEAKERS–animal-attack-insurance
Sometimes you’ll need to consult experts on topics you’re unfamiliar with, like retirement savings or health plans… or animal attack insurance. When you’re taking care of your employees, bring in trustworthy, knowledgeable professionals (who absolutely do not bring plants to meetings) to explain what kinds of bear attacks are and are not covered by insurance.

DON’T HAVE A SEX TAPE–dangle-s-sex-tape
These are really words to live by even outside of the context of running a meeting or leading a department. And if you do have a sex tape, make sure you didn’t record it over video footage that your staff might be watching at work.