Roast Battle Refresh

Are you taking notes? Stop it, nerd. That's weird.

As a new Roast Battle dawns, you may be asking yourself some questions: What is Roast Battle? How is it waged? Is there such a thing as ethical consumption under capitalism? Well, it’s a TV show featuring comics roasting (A.K.A. insulting) each other by trading jokes back and forth with an opponent before a panel of judges. And as for the other thing: Buddy, if you have to ask…

Still confused? Don’t worry. We’ve got a handy guide for you.

WHO JUDGES THESE THINGS?—roast-battle-ii–regionals—the-judges–turn-for-burns—uncensored
A revolving panel led by Jeff Ross. The judges’ job is to offer constructive criticism and crown the winners — though they also lob a few insults themselves. It’s a show about roasting, after all; it’d be weird if they were nice.

WHAT IS THE WAVE?—roast-battle-ii–regionals—the-mission-of-the-wave—uncensored
The Wave is a comedy/arts collective that performs alongside the comics, but it’s also so much more. It is our last bulwark against the madness of our times, the laughter of a newborn babe, a lingering kiss between lovers long wrenched apart. The Wave: It is all we have left. More specifically, it’s three guys who’ll pretend to eat a mouse if someone’s joke is funny enough.

WHO WON THE FIRST SEASON?—sarah-tiana-vs–mike-lawrence
That would be the one and only Mike Lawrence. Lawrence endured tough match after tough match, but he ultimately prevailed thanks to his superlative skills at being mean.


Jeez, dude. Fine. Click here for a rundown of the harshest burns from the first Roast Battle.