How to Turn Your Weekend Into a Freakend

Clothes optional.

Who doesn’t love a lazy weekend? You know, the kind where you spend 36 hours in sweatpants and only stand up to pay for takeout? But sometimes, you want to spend those precious days getting wild — if only so that, come Monday, you can fool your coworkers into thinking that your life is fun. Take a cue from Adam, Blake and Ders, and see how they turned their weekend at TelAmeriCorp’s beach condo into a genuine freakend.

Crash at a beach timeshare.
A beach condo getaway gives you the chance to escape from your responsibilities, assuming you’re someone who has those — in which case, congratulations, big shot. You can swim in the ocean, play some volleyball or just bask in the excitement of watching a different TV courtesy of a helpful remote control. Whatever says “freakend” to you.

Play naked Twister.
This wholesome party game becomes a whole lot naughtier when you remove your clothes. The naked principle probably also works for Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos, but we haven’t tried it with those yet.

Compare genital scars.
Why not?

Pretend to be someone you’re not.

There’s nothing like taking a break from your normal identity. If that break involves dressing up as a restaurant employee and doling out random handfuls of shrimp, who are we to judge? It might even end in some quality neck sucking.

Steal drugs.
Or don’t. It’s against the law, for one thing, but it could also land you in trouble with the prior owners of the drugs. Then again, no one ever said that having a freakend was risk-free.