Meet the Judges

Get to know the folks who are burning the burners.

The judges are what take Roast Battle to the next level. Two masterful joke writers slinging insults head to head is great, but when a comedy legend steps in and tells one of them that they’re the loser, that’s when the real fun begins.

Last season featured a star-studded panel of judges, and Roast Battle II’s roster doesn’t disappoint. Get to know the celebrities who are evaluating this year’s bracket of assholes.

JEFF ROSS—road-to-roast-battle—how-to-roast-with-jeff-ross—uncensored
Jeff Ross didn’t invent roasting, but he certainly perfected it. Not only has the man roasted America, cops, criminals and every celebrity under the sun, but he’s also the host and co-creator of Roast Battle. At this point, he should teach a master class in destroying someone with a single sentence.

ANTHONY JESELNIK–jokes-about-death
A dark sense of humor + flawless short jokes + an unmatched ego = the perfect Roast Battle judge.

SNOOP DOGG—mug-shot
Is Tha Doggfather going to trade his green for some mean? Though Snoop will likely never pass up a puff, he also loves a good roast — and not only the kind he cooks up with fellow Bieber roaster Martha Stewart.

WHITNEY CUMMINGS—self-tanner—uncensored
Celebrity roast staple Whitney Cummings definitely belongs on this panel. If she can take down David Hasselhoff, George Hamilton and Hulk Hogan, all with one self-tanning joke, judging Roast Battle II should be a breeze.

KEN JEONG—securing-the-vape-vote—uncensored
Good thing Ken Jeong is a doctor, because he’s going to have to examine a lot of burns.

SARAH SILVERMAN—jonah-hill-s-new-look
No roast is complete without the meanest jokes said in the sweetest voice, courtesy of the legendary Sarah Silverman. Good thing Jonah Hill isn’t competing in Roast Battle II.

JOHN MAYER–drums-or-electric-piano-pt–1
Why is John Mayer on the panel? Well, he’s been onstage at the Los Angeles Comedy Store and New York City’s Comedy Cellar, which is no small feat. And while he isn’t bringing his guitar, he is bringing plenty of sick burns for the competitors.

PATTON OSWALT–random-powers
Master of comedy and fearless tweeter Patton Oswalt knows his way around a well-crafted joke. In his special Finest Hour, he discusses Jesus’s random powers, and if Oswalt has any powers himself, they’re probably all related to killer delivery.

T.J. MILLER–uncensored—t–gay-butt-filler
Name-calling is a crucial element in any Roast Battle. Thankfully, T.J. Miller is well versed in the art of takedowns and could be a hell of a wild card on the judging panel.

JASON SUDEIKIS–no-flow—uncensored
He’s good enough to judge the questionably brilliant advertising pitches on the new series Detroiters, so a few roast jokes should be a piece of cake.