Welcome to the Drama, Neil Gorsuch

Trump's nominee is stepping into a saga of partisan vengeance.

In case you missed Donald Trump’s reality-show-style announcement earlier this week, the president nominated U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat left open after the death of Antonin Scalia. It’s a decision sure to make conservatives very happy, since Gorsuch has actually been described as “Scalia 2.0.”

Unfortunately for him, though, his principles and experience are most likely pretty low on the list of things Senate Democrats will be thinking about during his confirmation hearings. Two things that definitely are on that list? “Revenge” and “Merrick Garland” — and they’re underlined.
Last March when President Obama announced that Garland was his pick to fill the seat, top Senate Republicans refused to even meet with the poor guy, despite the fact that, as Trevor put it, he previously enjoyed so much widespread bipartisan support that he was basically the “Paul Rudd of federal judges.”

Now it looks like some Democrats are itching to repay the favor. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon said he’d filibuster Trump’s nominee before Gorsuch’s name was even announced. If that happens, Republicans may pull out the “nuclear option” that eliminates the filibuster from Supreme Court confirmation proceedings altogether.

The bottom line is, we all better buckle up. This fight’s sure to get dirty.