Avoid These Party Mistakes When You Watch the Game This Weekend

You want the morning-after chatter to be about the big plays, not your s**tty manners.

The big game is finally here. As you read this, football fans are feverishly filling their fridges with beer. Dips are being layered. Jerseys’ armpits are being sniffed for acceptability. And come Sunday, guests will flood thousands of living rooms to take part in the great American tradition of eating too much and watching sports.

Just remember that normal party rules still apply, no matter how heated the matchup may get. So steer clear of these standard no-nos, and you’ll have a great time. Unless your team loses.

  1. Don’t try to be an expert

    It’s OK if you’re just there because you heard the host makes dope wings. Not everyone at the party needs to know the second-string tight end’s favorite color to be welcomed there. In fact, you might just get yourself into trouble if you try to act like you know more than you do. Take the Workaholics guys. They could’ve just gone to their neighbor’s pride party, been upfront about their straight selves and had a great time. Instead, they overdid it by pretending to be gay, confusing their host and making the party weird (in the bad way) for everyone.

  2. Don’t overcommit

    Look, we get it: You got soooo many invitations to watch the game. You’re Ms. Popular, Lady of House Parties. But guess what. If you split your Sunday between too many friends, you’re going to be Ms. Rude, Duchess of Pissing Everyone Off by Eating All the Wings and Then Leaving. Even good ol’ lovable Abbi has fallen into the overcommitment trap, winding up in a situation where she had to juggle Ilana’s parents’ anniversary dinner with her secret Trey date. Did it end well? No, it did not. It was a mess. Don’t be a mess, and you’ll stay in everyone’s good graces.

  3. Lay off the gambling

    Betting on the game, aside from being legally dubious in many places, is also a surefire way to lose track of what the day is all about: the love o’ the sport. And commercials. So think twice before whipping out your wallet to rob your buddy of a few bucks. Maybe split a plate of wings instead. Man, what is it with us and wings today?