Dealmaker Musts

Aspiring entrepreneurs: You could learn a thing or two from Sam and Tim.

We’re all ambitious types here, so let’s cut to the chase: If you want to play with the big boys and girls like Detroit ad kings Sam Duvet and Tim Cramblin do, you’re gonna have to be at the top of your game. You have to pull out all the stops and gun it when it counts.

Just look at the way these two pros handle a prospective client.
They get a hot tip, and boom! They’re in the car, sprinkling barbecue sauce on their ties, charming a bigwig from Chrysler before he knows what hit him. Oh, he has company? Competitors, even? Big whoop — charm them too. Because guess what, pal. If you’re in this game, you’re a charm machine 24/7 or you’re toast.

These sharks book a meeting right there and then, shaking hands, staying firm and flirting when it counts. Will they compromise on dinner with the wife? No, sir! But will they be in this schmo’s office at 8am sharp? You’re gosh darn right they will be!

And oh boy, can these two rock a meeting.
Just look at that. The lines on those suits are so sharp, they can cut paper. The morning hot dog routine might be a bit eccentric; but hey, that’s protein, and protein equals confidence.

Is it good that they accidentally hit the prospective client with their car? Well, no. But they keep moving. They improvise. They throw an empty bag over his head, drag him in the bushes and get back to business.

They may not always win — or even win most of the time — but these kids have got moxie, and we’ll take that over soulless corporate hackery any day.

Get onboard with these two before they take off like a rocket ship by watching the first episode of Detroiters right now.