Take a Vacation from the News with Barack Obama

All of the scandal and calamity will still be there when you get back.

While the rest of us are still living in Trump’s America, former President Barack Obama has been kicking back with Richard Branson on the billionaire’s private island. And who can blame him? It’s basically the first real vacation the man’s had in eight years.

But considering the constant tumult of the nascent Trump administration, we could all probably use a beach vacation right now. And with all the coverage Obama’s is getting, we might as well live vicariously through him.
Just look at what a good time he’s having. The only thing he’s commanding these days is that backwards-hat-and-flip-flops look. Trump may have had his Black History Month “listening session” last week, but for the moment, Obama’s preoccupied with listening to the calm, rhythmic sound of the waves. You can almost hear it if you close your eyes.
It’s an undeniably stressful time for the country and the world. But the next time you feel yourself overwhelmed by this bear of a news cycle, remember: Somewhere out there, Barack Obama is kiteboarding.