Update: Forrest and Grant Have Been Found Alive

Review will return to find out once and for all if life is any good.

As regular viewers are no doubt painfully aware, the most recent season of Review came to an abrupt and tragic halt after our host Forrest MacNeil and producer Grant Grunderschmidt fell off a bridge into the rapids below.

We are elated to report that both Forrest and Grant have been located after surviving in the wilderness for a seemingly interminable amount of time. It’s been a harrowing experience for us all, but especially for the two of them, who subsisted largely on a diet of twigs, berries and animal droppings.

Both men have been understandably tight-lipped about the specifics of the ordeal. Since it was not fan-submitted, Forrest has refused to rate “living badly injured in the woods with no hope of rescue,” but he estimated that it would probably receive fewer than three stars. Grant, meanwhile, says he is “very optimistic about where Forrest’s adventure will take him next” and is “proud to guide our host through his next exploration of the human experience.”

What’s truly important here is that both men have assured us that Review (and the truly vital role the show performs) will continue. America – nay, humanity – depends on it.