Read Donald Trump’s Tweets with the Gravity They Deserve

Here's a browser plug-in that will make the president’s rants seem more entertaining than terrifying.

This week’s press conference once again proved how erratic, dishonest and grammatically “creative” our new president can be. But we don’t even have to wait for televised events to remind us of all that, since Donald Trump dispenses opinions and personal attacks on Twitter daily.

And while reading Trump’s tweets can be a psychologically scarring ordeal, it turns out it’s much easier if you pretend that his tweets are actually the musings of an irritable eight-year-old.

The Daily Show has made that a lot easier through the wonders of technology. Just go to, where you’ll find a browser extension that turns all of The Donald’s tweets into endearingly juvenile scribbles. Here’s a taste of the kind of fun you could be having as you shake your head in disbelief at the s**t those tiny fingers are typing:

Now it’s fun for all of us, Mr. President.