Lights, Camera, Awards?

Follow the journey of a film.

Award-winning films don’t just magically appear out of thin air like rainstorms or money. There are many steps in the journey from the glimmering idea to standing on that stage trying to remember the name of all 497 people who helped make this movie happen. See all of the important moments in the life of a movie, courtesy of creators, fans and abusers of free ticket policies.

If we know anything about movies, it’s that the best and only ones ever made are adapted from superhero comic books. That’s the only type of movie in existence. Just ask the very young and relevant Stan Lee.

Every director will reach a point where he asks himself, “Is any of this worth it?” Adam Devine hit that point as soon as he wanted to go party with his bros and found out that he has to sit in the editing bay all night.

You can’t get good buzz and an award nomination if your film isn’t seen by at least a few people. It totally counts if those people are a stoned Abbi and Ilana taking in a quadruple feature thanks to one free movie ticket.

WALK THE RED CARPET—liz-g–on-the-red-carpet
The only thing more important than winning an actual award? Crushing the red carpet. Liz G. and Liz B. of PubLIZity know how crucial that media moment can be — and how easily it can be ruined by someone like Katy Perry.

Eh, who cares about awards anyway, right? Unless you win one. Then they are extremely important.