Comedians on Black History Month

Sit down for a stand-up lesson in black history.

Sure, you could learn about Black History Month from school or books or teachers, but they won’t make it entertaining — and they certainly won’t have as many punch lines. These stand-ups prove that when it comes to racial history, there’s plenty of understanding to be gained in a comedy club. Roy Wood Jr., Jak Knight, Al Jackson and DL Hughley all have sharp takes on African-American history and how we celebrate it.

A civil rights museum is a great place to learn about the African-American experience. But Roy Wood Jr. knows that it matters who your tour guide is — and that when you go matters even more.

BETTER RECOGNITION—a-good-way-to-get-herpes—uncensored
When it comes to recognizing Black History Month, the acknowledgments can easily feel a little off. Whether it’s the Google homepage’s lackluster tribute or half-hearted poetry recitations, there have to be better ways to celebrate black culture.

Being a middle school science teacher isn’t easy; just ask Al Jackson. After all, it takes a dedicated educator to sit through an oral report about the Wright brothers that was supposed to honor a leader for Black History Month.

NATIONAL HOLIDAYS–martin-luther-king-holiday
Arizona was one of the last states in the country to recognize Martin Luther King Day. That’s how committed it is to not being progressive. Get with it, Arizona. A day off is a day off.