The Pros and Cons of Mentioning Dead-People Hair in Your Wig Ad

It's a decision every small business faces eventually.–real-singers-
Let’s say you own a wig company. And let’s add — for argument’s sake — that your wigs are 100% not made from dead-people hair. (If you do make wigs from dead-people hair, no judgment, but you probably won’t find the following very helpful.)

Should you advertise the fact that you definitely don’t chop the hair off corpses and fashion it into wigs? Well, let’s see.


• Believe it or not, it’s very important to some consumers that their hair not be harvested from a grave or local morgue. A full disclosure would put these “sourcing sticklers” at ease.

• Honesty is essential to building your customer base, and people might appreciate your upfront attitude.

• By drawing attention to your own sourcing, it raises the possibility that your competitors get their hair from dead people, sleeping children or worse. That’s a big win for you.


• Some people might think you’re being sarcastic, like, “Oh yeah, we would never even think of putting dead-people hair in our wigs. Ha-ha!” That would be the opposite of what you want.

• The mere mention of death may remind some potential customers of a dead person they dislike, like their father. You don’t want them to associate your business with their crappy dead dad.

There you have it. You didn’t think we’d make the decision for you, did you? Best of luck, you entrepreneur, you.