How to Make Your Music Video Go Viral in Sweden

The country has unique tastes, it turns out.

Making a music video go viral isn’t easy. But making a music video go viral only in a specific European country? Well, that is also not easy. Still, Jeff managed to do it with his buddy Sauce in their early-2000s rap group. The people of Sweden loved their stuff. So, what’s the secret to making a video that the Swedes in particular will eat up?

1. Rhyme “job” with “job.”

2. Rhyme “hand” with “man.”

3. Wear basketball jerseys that say “Noodles” and “Sauce.”

4. Have the song be about sexual foreplay.

That’s honestly all we’ve gleaned from Jeff’s video. Watch for yourself and see if you can discover any more secrets to Swedish success. Now go out there and be whatever the Swedes’ word for “star” is!—some-aliens-we-love-hand-jobs