The Keys to a Great “Whoopsie”

It's a delicate balance of humiliation and pain.

First of all, what is a “Whoopsie”? Good question. The Whoopsies are an annual awards show at TelAmeriCorp, with the goal of celebrating people’s on-camera embarrassments and misfortunes. Each individual video is a Whoopsie — but what does it take to make a great one?

Well, it’s both an art and a science. But whether your humiliation is physical or emotional (or both), here are some ways to increase your Whoopsie’s chance of taking home the grand prize.


    What separates a good Whoopsie from an amazing one is shame — specifically, a lack of it. To make your Whoopsie truly transcendent, you must abandon every subconscious urge to be respected by your peers. You must be ready not only to eat cake from a garbage can full of toenails, but to do so in full view of your colleagues. Greatness requires sacrifice.


    This one kind of speaks for itself. There’s nothing that the Whoopsies judges like better than a person who suffers a full-on emotional breakdown with the cameras rolling. Getting handcuffed by the cops is probably good for some extra credit points, too.