Ivanka Trump, Fauxminist

Her new role in White House decision-making puts her credentials to the test.

Correspondent Michelle Wolf took advantage of International Women’s Day to shed light on one of our current White House’s biggest mysteries: What exactly is Ivanka Trump’s deal?

While her husband Jared Kushner joined the administration as a senior advisor, the first daughter doesn’t have a formal role in the Donald Trump machine but has nonetheless been depicted by some as feminism’s best hope of infiltrating the boys’ club. So far, though, Ivanka’s been as trustworthy as Trump’s tanning guy on key issues.


As Michelle pointed out, Ivanka’s proposal for maternity leave does nothing for single women. And it gets worse! As it stands, the plan specifically applies only to married birth mothers, which means that fathers, adoptive parents and LGBTQ parents are left in the lurch.


Ivanka’s tax-credit-based childcare plan not only favors families with two working parents but would also primarily benefit the rich. Even that might not come to pass, though, since there’s no indication that Congress has any interest in addressing this.


How Ivanka feels about abortion is anyone’s guess. She’s said next to nothing about it, nor does she have a record of supporting the women’s health care provided by Planned Parenthood. Another thing she’s said nothing about: the Trump administration’s global gag rule halting funding to any humanitarian organization that even mentions abortion.

So as Kellyanne Conway (unethically and possibly illegally) suggested, buy Ivanka Trump’s products if you want – or don’t (please don’t). Either way, it’s past time the people clinging to the hope of a feminist in the Trump White House give it up.