6 Telltale Signs That a Start-Up Has Moved Into Your Building

Your life can be disrupted at any moment.

Good news: There’s a tech start-up for everything these days, from food delivery to finding a nice public bathroom — and also for other stuff too, probably.

Bad news: Those start-ups all need offices. And one day, one of them might just move into the vacant floor in your office building, depriving you of the privilege of using the amazing deserted bathroom on that floor — and also of other stuff too, probably.

All you can do is stay alert and get in those peaceful poops while you can. Here are some time-tested ways to tell if your building has been tech-ified:

1. You suddenly find yourself running into a lot of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed types in the elevator.

2. There’s a new company in the building directory, and its name either contains a made-up computer-y word or is just a combination of random letters.

3. Everyone but you is wearing the same hoodie.

4. When you ask someone in one of those hoodies what their company does, their explanation somehow makes the company name even more confusing — and you’re too embarrassed to ask further questions.

5. Strangers in the halls take their bikes out and eat things other than hot dogs for lunch.

6. The previously crappy Wi-Fi in your building is now high-speed, and that fact infuriates you.