How to Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Have a Bad Reputation

We can all learn a little something from the case of Smilin' Jack.
By now, we’re all familiar with the many things that the good people of Detroit have spray-painted entering Smilin’ Jack’s mouth. Now, we’re not here to judge what an adult puts into his or her mouth, but the fact of the matter is that customers want to know that you’re there to service their wallets, not their genitalia.

Everyone wants their advertising to be memorable, but every small business owner should also be sure that their branding doesn’t leave customers with a bad taste in their mouths. Here are a few other things to think about when creating your ad campaign.

• Does your behavior toward customers involve leering, lip-licking, shifty-eyedness or provocative pointing? NIX IT!

• Does your advertising imply that you’ve murdered before and would do it again? NIX IT!

• Is the decor of your storefront or office best described as “neon torture chamber”? NIX IT!

• Does the signage in your store suggest that you’re in league with the Dark Lord himself? NIX IT!

• Is there an unmistakable motif of “animal sex” in the decorative sconces around your establishment? NIX IT!

• Do your commercials begin with 10 seconds of uninterrupted, unbearable screaming? NIX ’EM!