Say Hello to This Season’s Must-Have Item: the De2roit T-Shirt

All the cool kids will be wearing it.
By now, we’ve all seen Sam and Tim’s appearance on “Good Morning Detroit” in which they debuted their hilarious new fashion item, the De2roit T-shirt.

And we know what you’re thinking: Did they just put “2” where “T” should be in the word “Detroit”? The answer to that is yes. But there are other cool things about this shirt, too.

• We haven’t actually put one on, but we imagine it’s pretty soft.

• It’s black, so it pairs with almost anything, like jeans, khakis or other differently colored jeans.

• If anyone asks where you got it, you can just point knowingly to the design on the T-shirt. “Oh, I get it. Like ’Detroit’ but ’De-two-roit,'” they’ll say. (They’ll also probably assume you’re from Detroit even if you’re not. Don’t worry — we will die for your secret.) Then the two of you can go out for hot dogs or big glass boots full of beer.

The point is, by this time next year, everyone will definitely have one of these awesome tees. And you don’t want to be the one guy who doesn’t just because the shirt “doesn’t make any sense.” Stop being so difficult.