How Well Do You Know the Residents of Broad City?

It's time to step up and test your mettle.

Abbi. Ilana. Lincoln. Bevers. Jaime. Abbi’s unseen roommate. These are just a few of the people who live in Broad City (A.K.A. New York), but what about everyone else Abbi and Ilana meet on their misadventures? If you think you’re a ride-or-die true fan, it’s time to prove that you know every person who has graced the show’s universe — or at least most of them. Ready?

1. This guy. Who is this guy?

A) A mechanic
B) A locksmith
C) Abbi’s high school art teacher
D) An itinerant salt miner

2. And this woman. What’s her job?

A) Landlord
B) Human cheese grater
C) Mascot for the Broad City Scorchers
D) Beacon’s Closet sales associate

Great. Now it’s gonna get a little tricky.

3. What is this character’s name?

A) Jerri Blank
B) Bobbi
C) Ritchem RitchRitchems
D) Pam

4. What is this man looking at?

A) A music box
B) Fresh vegetables
C) Abbi doing an impression of Ilana
D) Lincoln

5. What episode is this guy from?

A) “Kirk Steele”
B) “The One Where Abbi Works at the Gym”
C) “P***y Weed”
D) “Jokers and Tokers”

So, how’d you do? Check your answers in the video below.—-quiz-answers
Do you know Broad City as well as you thought you did? We won’t really get to find out. We’re working on the honor system here.