Sex, Drugs and Drugs

Three of the guys' favorite things.

It’s time to relive some of Adam, Blake and Ders’s most debauched moments, taking special care to recognize what made these times so memorable in the first place.


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    Getting high is easy — provided you don’t burn your thumb or something. But getting high on a very tiny amount of weed takes some creativity. Luckily, when it comes to smoking up, there’s no limit to the guys’ inventive spirit.


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    Being asked to appear in a porno on short notice can be stressful (presumably). But the guys leap to the challenge, and Ders even agrees to help Adam prepare in a surprisingly intimate way. The whole thing ended up being an elaborate prank, but it’s the thought that counts.


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    Peyote isn’t the guys’ usual drug of choice, but there’s still a time and a place for it. But that place is not TelAmeriCorp, and that time is not when they’ve been put in charge of a young child. Live and learn.