5 Things to Expect When Your Boss Is Also Your Dad

Professional is about to meet personal.

Between their fancy business lunches and their late-night brainstorming sessions, Tim and his dad, Big Hank, make working with family look pretty glamorous.

In reality, having a boss who’s also your dad can be complicated — even if he doesn’t have a history of handing out human feces at meetings like Big Hank does. So if, for whatever reason, you suddenly find yourself taking assignments from the guy who raised you, there are some factors you should be aware of.

1. You’re probably going to learn some stuff you didn’t want to, like that your dad insists on singing the Britney Spears album “Blackout” in its entirety at company karaoke — or that he actually escaped from the local psychiatric hospital, despite telling you that he was released.

2. He may like things done the old-fashioned way. This means that you might have to put up with smoke-filled conference rooms and a strictly enforced “70s chic” dress code.

3. He’s got more life experience, so he might outshine you in some areas. This is especially true when he’s seven feet tall and built like a silver stallion.

4. He’s your dad and is bound to have some little quirks. (That said, if he starts cutting out the backs of all his suits, you’ll probably want to get that psychiatric hospital on the phone.)

5. You’ll witness the sexual tension between him and the office secretary firsthand, and it will probably make you uncomfortable — doubly so if the office secretary is Sheila. (No offense, Sheila.)