Paying Tribute to Charlie Murphy

Chappelle’s Show wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Charlie Murphy’s legacy is one to marvel at. From his standup to his work on Chappelle’s Show, he gave us some of the funniest performances in collective memory. His timing, delivery and voice made him beloved.

Who can forget when Buc Nasty went back in time and threatened to show a slave owner’s insides some style?—great-misses—uncensored
And then there was Tyree on “The Mad Real World,” a man as menacing as he was downright weird.–the-mad-real-world–pt–1—uncensored
Of course, as genius as his characters were on the show, the role that he’ll be remembered for most was a version of himself on Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, in which he once brought us the tale of Prince playing basketball.—prince—uncensored
He also regaled us with the insane and unhinged adventures of Rick James.—rick-james-pt–1—uncensored
Chappelle’s Show is one of the best sketch shows of all time because of Charlie Murphy. He was a deeply funny man, and he will be deeply missed.