Right Wing and On the Ropes

It hasn't been a good week for Alex Jones or Bill O'Reilly.

Now that the Trump era is underway, you would think that conservative commentators would be having the time of their lives. And while many of them undoubtedly are, a sizable chunk of the right’s most high-profile pontificators have been too embroiled in personal scandals to enjoy their new utopia. (Sad!)

Earlier this year, alt-right darling Milo Yiannopoulos – best known for his incendiary writing on the Breitbart News Network and his generally hateful social media presence – was disinvited from speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, fired from Breitbart and stripped of his book deal after a video surfaced in which he appeared to defend pedophiles.

TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren is currently involved in a legal battle with her former employer after her show “Tomi” was removed from the site. She claims it’s because she expressed pro-choice views while on “The View,” but the network says it’s because she’s difficult to work with. Either way, for the time being, nobody has the unique joy of listening to her Final Thoughts.

Anti-globalist conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has regaled his huge audience base for years with talk of chemtrails and “reports” that Hillary Clinton is an actual, literal demon. Recently, though, his explosive personality and fact-free rants have come back to bite him in the ass.

In a rare show of humility last month, he apologized for lending credence to the Pizzagate fiasco. Now he’s engaged in a custody battle with his ex-wife, and the trial has put him in a tight spot. After his lawyer tried to argue that Jones’s on-air persona is essentially an act, Jones took the stand to say that he is, in fact, the raging lunatic his fans know and love. As The Daily Beast’s Ben Hartman argues, Jones may have put himself in a position to lose either his audience or his own children. Tough break.

This is, of course, the big one. Following a report by the New York Times that Fox News paid millions of dollars over the years to quash sexual harassment complaints brought against Bill O’Reilly, the network has finally axed Mr. Blowhard Supreme. (It’s worth noting that Fox News only decided to fire O’Reilly after his advertisers began to desert him.) It’s a win for workplace harassment advocates, as well as anyone who had the displeasure of appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Unfortunately, it’s also a win for Tucker Carlson, the man who will be taking over the slot and who once referred to a woman in an email as “Labiaface.”

Oh, well. We’ll take what we can get.