Go Back in Time with Dave

The past was pretty cringeworthy.

If Chappelle’s Show has anything to teach us, it’s that the past is just as worthy of ridicule as the present. From the slaveholding South to the age of (supposedly) wholesome black-and-white TV shows, there was no shortage of hypocrisy and stupidity that needed to be mocked. Let Dave take you back to see history through whatever the opposite of rose-colored glasses are.


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    The Playa Haters are a stylish, merciless group that meets annually to sling brutal insults at one another (and anyone more successful than they are). But they don’t limit themselves to the present day. No, they’re willing to manipulate the laws of time just to go back and call a slave master a cracker — and to give us all the immortal phrase, “Reach for the sky, honky.”


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    We’re all familiar with the cute, nauseatingly fake innocence of old black-and-white TV shows. But what if someone revisited that period to lampoon its shockingly prevalent racism? That’s exactly what Dave does here. Get ready.


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    There have been many inspiring victories in the battle for African-American civil rights. Dave adds a chapter to that legacy with his moving portrayal of Cyrus Holloway, whose severe case of “mud butt” in 1954 led him to take a dump of historic proportions. Thanks to Cyrus, the world learned that “no matter what the hue of your poo, it will undoubtedly stink.”