If You’re Not Smooching Mannequins, Your Technique Is Probably Wack

Rob Corddry knows what's up.

Let’s say you’re hanging out with your mom, and you want to give her a little smooch. Uh-oh — you have a brain fart and accidentally kiss her on the lips. What a horrific twist! Only weirdos and psycho killers kiss their mothers on the lips, and that’s a scientific fact.

How could this have been avoided? Well, with a Kissing Mannequin.

What’s a Kissing Mannequin, you ask? Why, it’s a mannequin that you dress up to look like someone in your life, so you can practice those tonsil hockey skills.

Just look at Rob Corddry. He plays it safe with the mannequin that’s dressed like his mom, but when it comes to his wife, he pulls out every move in his smoochin’ arsenal. Hell, even his wife’s boss isn’t safe from getting some of that sugar.

The important thing here is that Rob practices kissing in a safe, controlled environment. So next time you plan on a peck, stop and think: Have I run a drill of this scenario like my good friend Mr. Corddry? And if the answer is no — sorry, pal. The risk is just too high.