Sally Yates’s Testimony Made Trump’s Twitter Even Crazier

Some might even call the president’s reaction “Sad!”

A lot of news has happened this week: President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey; the Department of Justice gave a shaky-at-best reason for the firing; and Orlando Bloom dropped the bombshell that he is “grateful” for his son. And, of course, on Monday, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified in a Senate hearing largely devoted to Russian interference.

Did the president tweet about this? Yes. The president tweeted about this a lot. It all started with this missive, sent early in the day:

The hearing, in which Yates detailed her warnings to the White House regarding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, was damning. A normal person who’d just gotten so publicly wedgied would have taken the loss and moved on. But Donald Trump did not do that, because Donald Trump is incapable of doing that.

Trump, like many people on Twitter, pretty much uses the medium to take swipes at his perceived enemies, be they the former acting attorney general or Diet Coke. Sometimes this behavior makes him look stupid on Twitter — a place where no one ever looks stupid.

Just look: Donald Trump changed the header image on his Twitter page to quote Donald Trump, in a move so politically ingenious that he changed it back within a day.

In conclusion, welcome to Hell.