With a Little Help from Their Friends

Adam, Blake and Ders have gotten some crucial assists from their buddies and coworkers over the years.

Adam, Blake and Ders are like the Three Musketeers — if seventeenth-century France had been less about sword fights and more about getting stoned. Still, even though they’re a legendary team, the guys sometimes need extra help. Good thing Rancho Cucamonga is full of their pals and colleagues who are up to the task. Here are some of the most clutch moments from those relatively unsung heroes.


    TelAmeriCorp is nothing if not a democracy. And when Adam, Blake and Ders need a political puppet to help subvert that democracy, Jillian Belk is there for them. The plan is ingenious. As the office prepares to vote for a break room manager, the guys mastermind Jillian’s campaign. Why? So they can embezzle snacks from work right under her nose. Like we said: ingenious.


    Alice is known for being a no-nonsense hard-ass who doesn’t give a f**k about anyone’s feelings — and this scene does nothing to disprove that. But her unique style of leadership has its upsides. For example, it keeps the guys’ minds sharp, forcing them to problem-solve quickly. It also engenders a feeling of community among the TelAmeriCorp employees, all of whom suffer equally under her cruel yoke. Thanks, Alice!


    After their gigs as professional party gods go belly up, the guys find themselves back at TelAmeriCorp — with their friendship coming apart at the seams. Enter Waymond, their long-silent coworker, who dispenses some greatly needed words of wisdom. Waymond might not say much, but when he does, he makes it count.

  • KARL

    Part of being one of the guys’ best friends is publicly making fun of Blake’s penis size through song, right? No? Fine. Let’s pretend this one never happened.