When Comedy and Music Collide

These Clusterfest performers are about to expand your mind.

On June 2, fun lovers and entertainment addicts will descend on San Francisco for a weekend of comedy and music at the first-ever Colossal Clusterfest. But this isn’t your Pop-Pop’s soft-shoe festival, and comedy and music won’t stay separated for long. (The will-they-or-won’t-they tension between them is just too strong.)

Think of Clusterfest as a cultural experiment, one where rules and inhibitions get thrown out and people come together in strange new ways (artistically and, ahem, otherwise).

Want to prepare for the glorious commingling of comedy and music that awaits? Check out the Clusterfest performers below, who prove that jokes and music go together like peanut butter and fruit spread.


Some people would call hiring a DJ an unnecessary and irresponsible expense for a stand-up show. Those people are not Hannibal Buress. After all, comedy isn’t about saying no. It’s about saying yes – to music cues, to dancing and even to occasionally pissing yourself while on molly.


Natasha Leggero’s set at The Meltdown exemplifies one of the benefits of adding some music to your comedy: It frees you from the burden of making sense. Here, she’s just a woman who’s in love with the coco. Oh, and she’s got baking soda, so maybe don’t sit in the front row?

Sometimes, comedy just naturally leads to music, like Roy Wood Jr.’s music video inspired by his special, Father Figure. It’s one thing to have a bit about how rappers should talk about smoothies in their songs. But to then make your own rap music video about smoothies? That’s next-level stuff.
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