The U.S. Is Leaving the Paris Climate Accord. Sorry, World.

Ditto, vulnerable species, polar ice caps and low-lying coastal areas.–k-itself
President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord on Thursday unsurprisingly upset a lot of people. The decision itself was, of course, not surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention to Trump’s conservation record so far. (True, he called himself an environmentalist as recently as January, but we should probably just treat that fact as yet more proof that he doesn’t really know what words mean.)

We don’t know what nature did to hurt our president, but based on his policies so far, you’d think a tree made fun of his tiny hands. Trevor offered this recap last month:
So, no, the Trump administration hasn’t been able to successfully repeal Obamacare or enforce Trump’s travel ban, but they have been busy:

• Signing an executive order to undo the Clean Power Plan
• Loosening fuel economy standards
• Approving the Keystone XL pipeline
• Pushing for oil, gas and coal companies to have access to public lands
• Relaxing rules governing the release of methane into the atmosphere
• Removing climate change information from the EPA’s website

Backing out of the climate accord is the latest “achievement” in Trump’s irrationally Earth-hostile agenda. For a refresher on the worldwide club Trump thought we were too cool for, here’s the AP’s Jill Colvin:

Even considering Trump’s history of bullying the environment so far, removing the U.S. from the Paris agreement is a particularly spiteful swirly. It’s a voluntary deal with zero repercussions for any nation that fails to reach its carbon dioxide emissions goals — which is probably why almost every country on the planet has signed on.

Nonetheless, our dealmaker-in-chief has been convinced that saving the planet and creating enormous economic opportunities for the booming alternative energy sector is a bad idea. Overwhelming evidence suggests that it’s not, and what’s more, public concern about climate change has never been higher. Add in the fact that Trump’s stated rationale for exiting the deal is based on a yuge math error, and you wind up with a decision as baffling as it is destructive.

On the bright side, our president gets to keep playing with those big, gas-guzzling trucks for years to come.