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5 Hilarious Things We Overheard at Clusterfest

We have more, but some are too dirty to share (and we've been bribed not to).

Comedy Central’s first Colossal Clusterfest is over. The attractions have been packed into trucks, the litter’s (mostly) thrown away, and all of the comedians have gone back to their sleep tubes till next year’s fest.

It was a weird, wild ride with some great moments featured in Comedy Central’s Colossal Clusterfest special, but some of the most fun moments were beyond just the stand-up performances or fan experiences. They were the little asides, riffs and utterances heard during the performances and out in the world. Here are some we caught wind of and particularly enjoyed. We’ll find a way you can thank us later.

  1. Tig Notaro: “Vander-Horse”

    Film Magic

    One of the coolest shows all weekend/year/forever was a staged reading of the “Wayne’s World” script with Ilana Glazer as Wayne Campbell and Abbi Jacobson as Garth Algar (and Tia Carrere reprising her role as Cassandra Wong!).

    It was a hilarious production of a hilarious script, made all the better by the little things that could only happen live. Our favorite? When Tig Notaro (playing the evil Benjamin Oliver, the role originated by Rob Lowe) mispronounced the name of hapless ad sponsor Noah Vanderhoff as “Vander-Horse.” This isolated goof became a running joke, reaching its height when Vander-Horse himself (played by John Michael Higgins) projected a long, loud whinny.

    Party on, Tig.

  2. Chris Gethard: “Don’t get beat up for dancing to 80s music, please.”

    Film Magic

    Is there anything more rough and tumble than a retro dance party? No, no there is not. At Saturday night’s throwback revue, backed by 80s cover band Tainted Love, Chris Gethard gave this immortal wisdom to the crowd when some audience members danced in the aisles and security escorted them to the dance floor in back. But honestly, Chris is just speaking great words to live by in general.

  3. Aparna Nancherla (on San Francisco): “Even your pigeons have refined palates.”

    Film Magic

    San Francisco is a great American city, so frankly it deserves to be taken down a peg. During one of her sets at the festival, Aparna Nancherla summed up the entire city about as perfectly as anyone could. Honestly, good for the pigeons – why wouldn’t they have refined palates? San Francisco’s food rules.

  4. Bill Burr to Jerry Seinfeld: “You’re either a genius or a serial killer.”

    Film Magic

    Comedy geeks love two things: seeing legends onstage together and getting exclusive peaks into “the process.” The “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” live Q&A offered both. First of all, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Burr were there together. Wow. Second of all, Bill Burr let slip that Jerry may have a demon inside his mind that may or may not drive him to kill. Double wow!

  5. Random Person in the Middle of the South Park Attraction: “South Park! Whaaaaaaaaat?!”

    Film Magic

    We didn’t just love listening to comics all weekend; we also got a huge kick out of hearing you, the fans, saying funny things. To the person just absolutely dazed with wonder at the sight of a real, live and explorable South Park, CO, complete with Randy Marsh’s giant testicles: we get you, we salute you, and we’ll see you next year.