The Trumps Are Already Helping This Small Town’s Economy

One snag: It's in Slovenia.

To win the 2016 election, the president capitalized on decades’ worth of simmering economic anxieties among America’s working class.* With his promises to deliver more jobs and revitalize the industrial sector, he gave many people hope as he prepared to enter the White House.

The good news? There’s already been some positive effect. The bad news? It’s in Slovenia.

Jim visited First Lady Melania Trump’s hometown, where he witnessed firsthand how the president and his family have been helping the local economy.—uncensored
Clearly, businesses are doing everything they can to cash in on the first lady’s connection to their town. From burgers to hand-crafted soaps to suspiciously segregated pies, Slovenian entrepreneurs are getting creative about marketing their goods. But turning a profit hasn’t been easy, because Melania’s aggressive lawyer has put all sorts of restrictions on how her name and likeness can be used.

Want proof? Just look at all the great ideas of Jim’s that Melania’s lawyer shoots down. (Guess they don’t teach having a sense of humor in law school.)

In any case, the first lady’s legal team seems committed to limiting the economic benefit that might come from sharing a hometown with Melania. Here’s hoping the medieval-cardboard-cutout industry stays strong.

*And some, um, other stuff.