Jeff Sessions Wilts in the Hot Seat—jeff-sessions-s-day-in-the-senate-hot-seat
There have been some scandalous accusations leveled at Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding all this Russia business, and clearly, he’s had just about enough of it. So this past Tuesday, he marched down to Capitol Hill to clear his name.

He did not clear his name.

As it turns out, Sessions is not fond of getting publicly grilled. He may have tried to deflect the committee’s scrutiny with his signature Southern gentility, but that wasn’t enough to make his constant umbrage-taking appear anything other than suspicious.

During the hearing, Sessions labeled any implication that he helped — or was aware of — collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election as “an appalling and detestable lie.” But when it came to actually refuting those implications, he offered up a whole lot of nothin’.

Much to the disappointment of anyone hoping for major drama, there was no climactic moment where Sessions broke down, pointed fingers or threw copies of “the pee tape” into the crowd. Instead, a lot of his testimony boiled down to a big fat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

In fact, “I don’t recall” was uttered a lot — 26 times, if you also count the phrase “I don’t remember.” Maybe Sessions was having too wild a time making America great again to bother with the nerdy task of record-keeping. At the very least, Sessions’s forgetfulness feels convenient. Then again, it could be a flimsy cover for a whole host of possibly unlawful behavior. Luckily for him, his former coworkers Senators John McCain and Richard Burr were there to save him when Senator Kamala Harris tried to take him to task.