Travis Kalanick’s Ride With Uber Is Officially Over

The CEO got a very low rating from some very high-powered investors.

The New York Times has reported that Travis Kalanick, the Uber CEO who has been generously described as controversial, has resigned his position after some pretty forceful suggestions from the company’s investors.

Uber’s troubles, of course, aren’t exactly new. As Trevor reported back in 2015, between the lack of benefits for drivers, the ruthlessness of their pricing and the annoyance of constantly hearing the phrase “It’s the Uber of ______,” the ridesharing company has had some two-star PR for a while:
Things only got worse when reports began to surface detailing just how awful Uber’s corporate culture is, between the fears of being stabbed in the back and the unchecked prevalence of sexist, homophobic and generally s**tty behavior. All of that came to a head this past February when Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote a blog post in which she described how management repeatedly ignored her complaints that she was being sexually harassed at work.—unraveling-uber-s-bad-publicity
Pretty bad, right? Well, buckle up, ’cause the pile-up only got worse from there. Top-level executives started leaving, the company’s valuation plummeted, and following an internal investigation that confirmed what a callous, soul-crushing institution Kalanick was running, board member David Bonderman added some fuel to the fire.–uber-guy–shut-up-for-a-second
In light of this endless disaster train, it isn’t at all surprising that the powers that be decided Kalanick had to go. It might be bad news for the DGAF techbro ethos, but it’s better for pretty much everyone else.