Lil Jon’s Life Lessons

He may be a man of few words, but he has plenty of wisdom to share.

Sure, Lil Jon’s vocabulary consists mainly of “OK,” “Yeah!” and “What?!” — but that doesn’t mean he has nothing else to say. Like the wise man he is, he simply reserves the rest of his words for when it truly counts.

So before you judge his unconventional speech patterns, have a seat and take in some of his invaluable lessons. You just might learn something.


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    Lil Jon believes in the importance of introspection. That’s why, when life gets him down and he feels like he has no one to turn to, he calls himself up to reveal his innermost thoughts. (Sometimes he even gets to use these opportunities to break amazing, Oprah-related news to himself.)


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    Concerned that your airline might let your frequent flyer miles fall through the cracks? Don’t let it happen – you’ve racked up those miles, dammit, and they should be respected. So be like Lil Jon: Double-check, just in case. Also, don’t forget that your pimp cup counts as your one personal item.


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    Your health care professional is there to help you, not bust you for smoking a little pot (or in Lil Jon’s case, a lot of pot).


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    Lil Jon knows it’s not enough to spread his Lil Jonliness one-on-one. That’s why he lends his talents to a major studio production featuring Hollywood legend Susan Sarandon. As a bonus, he even gets a sandwich out of the deal.

We hope this has been helpful. And remember: Lil Jon’s sage example can be followed in any situation. Next time you find yourself contemplating a big decision, just ask yourself, “Would Lil Jon do it?” If the answer is “Yeah!” — well, you know what to do.