Meet Pauline Hanson, Australia’s Trumpiest Leader

Catch up with one of our orange-hued president's ideological doppelgangers.

Donald Trump may seem like a unique phenomenon, but he’s actually got lots of political twins — or at least weird half-siblings — around the globe. In Jim Jefferies’s new segment Trumps Around the World, he seeks out fact-averse leaders to show us all we’re not alone. First up is Australian Senator Pauline Hanson, who was actually a contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.” (We wish this were a joke.)—australia-s-pauline-hanson—uncensored
Hanson’s xenophobic views have been remarkably consistent. She was worried about Australia being “swamped by Asians” in the 90s; when that didn’t happen, she conveniently pivoted to targeting Muslims. She even thinks Islam should be vaccinated against, which might actually put her at odds with the U.S. president’s views on inoculations.

But Hanson’s Trumpiness is still on point. Her vague, statistics-free nostalgia for a simpler* time couldn’t be more reflective of the U.S.’s commander-in-chief. And while her support for contraceptives and willingness to laugh at herself might not make her a perfect Trump clone, we still think they’d get along like a house on fire.