The President’s the Best at Parenting

He's a father first, commander-in-chief second.

Even for the president, there’s no greater responsibility than being a parent. And our commander-in-chief takes his role as a dad very seriously.

No matter how much the media tries to take the president and his family down with fact-based reports of Russian meetings, he will never waver in his commitment to fatherhood and developing fine, distinguished children.

See what happens when the president’s oldest son pops into the Oval Office for a surprise visit. The love is palpable.–a-little-less-transparency
Talk about Parenting 101! Not only does the president address his son using his given name, but he even lets him sit on the couch in his office while he signs executive orders. Hospitality like that separates the great dads from the merely good ones.

But the parental expertise doesn’t stop there. The president always makes his son feel included, giving him the room to speak freely about all kinds of private matters. Instead of stopping his son from embarrassing the family, the president shares words of encouragement with him. Thanks to phrases like “You’re a low-quality person,” his sweet baby boy will know that he needs to push himself to the next level to earn his father’s respect.

Making time to help your child grow isn’t always easy, but it’s important. The president’s approach can teach us all a lesson.