Workplace Efficiency at Its Finest

Follow in Ilana Wexler’s footsteps, and you’re sure to get a raise. Or fired. Definitely one of the two.

Ilana Wexler is a model of workplace excellence, from her boundary-pushing interpretation of office attire to her amazing blame-avoidance techniques. So what’s her secret? Here are a few simple examples of ways that you can transform yourself into the talk of the office.

  1. Team Empowerment

    Younger employees need to learn how to spread their wings. Give those newbies an opportunity to be problem solvers by leaving the office for a few hours and giving yourself some “me time.” Just don’t tell them — or anyone else — where you’re going.

  2. A Me-First Mentality

    Force your coworkers to accept you on YOUR terms. Sure, you might experience some friction, but you’ll be surprised how quickly people accept behavior that they once found socially unacceptable.

  3. Avoiding Burnout

    Even the most brilliant minds need to rest now and then. Take an hour (or more!) to recharge with a leisurely nap in the bathroom.

  4. Communication Is Key

    It’s important to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with coworkers, regardless of what society or HR deems “appropriate” or “borderline sexual harassment.”