Getting Raunchy in Reno

A passionate town calls for a passionate police force.

The men and women of the Reno Sheriff’s Department do their darndest to keep their town safe. It’s a task that requires them to be sharp and vigilant, to use every part of their intellect — and occasionally, to get nasty.

Let’s salute the perversities of these brave officers who serve the city they love. Godspeed, you filthy heroes. Godspeed.


    Being ready for anything means training for anything. And training for anything sometimes means taking an intensely sensual chemical shower in front of all your coworkers. Deputy Wiegel fulfills her duty and then some. Just look at her face, flushed with the satisfaction of a job well done.


    Deputy Junior unleashes the full power of his sexual imagination in his tireless effort to unveil an illegal prostitution ring. Does he do it? No. But he does get a hot wax treatment, plus a squeaky clean undercarriage. You can’t face down injustice with a dirty undercarriage.


    Deputies Rizzo and Wiegel don’t mean to start dry-humping while stuck in the back of a moving trailer. But when the situation arises, they use it as an opportunity to get closer as a crime-fighting team. Resume thrusting, you two.

Keep on debasing yourselves, ye courageous cops of Reno. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.