Weren’t We Done with This? – Policies Back from the Dead

Jim Jefferies tackles some controversial bills that won't stay buried.

This past week has been a real rough ride for many people in the U.S. In addition to the Senate voting to debate the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, a couple of long-gone policy proposals are back from the dead (and not in the cool, zombie-movie way). So, on his show, Jim Jefferies took a long look at these reanimated policies and asked, “Weren’t we done with these already?”
Here’s a rundown:

You might be thinking, “A travel ban? Didn’t a few federal courts keep this from happening?” And yes, you’re right. But last month, the Supreme Court partially reinstated that ban, placing restrictions on who could come visit family in the states. Then, the Supreme Court put an asterisk on that decision, easing those travel restrictions a bit. But that’s not the last of this controversial decision. Come October the Supreme Court will formally hear arguments on the ban.

Taking a cue from North Carolina, Texas lawmakers are considering instituting restrictions on what bathrooms transgender people can use. Apparently, these Texan politicians don’t seem to remember that North Carolina’s attempt at this very same law blew up in its face last year. Who knows? Maybe it will fall apart in Texas too. Then another state will try its hand at it, and we’ll be back here again in the fall. The way things are trending, that seems more than likely.

Considering the current ups and downs of the Republican senators’ health care bill, it’s still up in the air as to whether or not this too will join the ranks of these “dead laws” rising from the ashes.